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Martin Lindner is Head of Department and Professor of Biology Didactics and Geography Didactics at Martin Luther University Halle-Wittenberg. He is also board of director at the Center of Teacher Education and Liaison Professor for Stiftung der Deutscher Wirtschaft, Studienkolleg Halle-Leipzig.

Visiting our academic partners in Nepal, South Africa and Eswatini and in Ecuador we made many observation on local approaches to sustainability, which impressed us very much. As Europeans we have a technical oriented way to find solutions, however the much more diverse approaches in the “global south” influenced our view on sustainability. One very important movement is the Buen Vivir politics of Ecuador, however, spirituality and community building in other countries are also vivid elements. The talk will give an overview on our impressions and tries to organise different approaches to sustainability.

Prof. Dr. Martin Lindner

Keynote Title: Observations on Sustainable Development in Asia-Africa-Latin America.